We are passionate about delivering not just mattresses!

One day while on a flight, I saw a magazine advertisement for a Temper-Pedic mattress called Visco elastic, which came with a 90 day money back guarantee. I thought I had nothing to loose, so I ordered one when I got home.

After one week of sleeping on this new mattress all my prior sleep related ailments had gone away.

I had not slept this well in years!

I was so delighted with the results I phoned the corporate office of Temper- Pedic and spoke with them to get the product for my new store. This product line did very well in my store for years.

Then the government started a new flame retardant program and required all mattress manufacturers to comply.

Now, realize that viscoelastic foam which Temper-Pedic uses is an oil based product and required very harsh chemicals to the flame resistance requirements.

Boric acid and antimony is like sleeping on roach killer I found

My customers were getting headaches, breaking out in rashes, and breathing problems.

I realized the problem and phoned Temper- Pedic and asked if they could do a short chemical free run as I had read the federal law on fire retardant chemicals and it said with a doctor’s prescription these chemicals could legally be omitted.

They said no.

And I decided from that point on, I would only offer the highest quality, healthiest mattresses I could find.

Naturally Organic Sleep was born!

From that point forward the doctrine and the name of our company to Naturally Organic Sleep and never again sell products with harmful chemicals and offer only organic, natural, and chemical free materials.

I personally promise and guarantee this to be true.


Howard Atkins
Founder & Chief Sleepologist